PL-10E to enhance combat capability of JF-17 Block III

Image of PL-10E

PL-10E, As per our information, is slated to be part of JF-17 Thunder Block-III upgrade . It will be PAF’s first short range missile with infrared Imaging IIR homing. PL-10E is a fifth gen SRAAMs that enables HOBS with HMD/S. Moreover CCMs mounted on JF-17 wingtip plays part in less drag. The missile also has a multi-element IIR seeker. Because of which it is capable of +/- 90 degree off bore-sight angles. The missile seeker can be slaved to a helmet-mounted display (HMD). Thus allowing the pilot to track a target beyond the aircraft’s radar scan envelope. This is done by using the missile’s high off-bore-sight capability. Flight is controlled by a “thrust-vector” controlled solid rocket motor and “free-moving type” control wings on the missile’s tail. In conclusion the missile is going to pose a serious threat to its enemies.